Chairmans Statement re the Fence

“Fencing isn’t always cross Swords”

Westfest Big Sunday this year will have a fence surrounding the event.

Here is the reason why this has come about as many people have been questioning the need for fencing.

Westfest committee are putting things in place to make sure we do not breach the local bylaw relating to “The Consumption of Alcohol in Open Spaces” and the fence surrounding the Big Sunday area on Magdalen Green will comply with the requirement for the Local Council’s Licensing Board.

Over the last few years the event has been breaching this bylaw and we have been informed that this would not be tolerated for any future event.

After months of long discussion with Police Scotland and Dundee City Council (where at times it looked as if Big Sunday would be cancelled) we finally came to a compromise and fencing off the majority of Magdalen Green was inevitable for Big Sunday to go ahead. We would like to thank Police Scotland and Dundee City Council for their support with this matter.

While we felt good that we achieved this compromise, this comes at a great cost to the running of Big Sunday as we need to raise the money not only to fund the fence (erection and dismantling), there are other additional costs for security to ensure that we comply with the requirements for the licence.

On top of this is the rising costs for running an event of this nature: this year for the first time we are having to have an ambulance on site to ensure any incident is dealt with correctly and promptly, plus the First Aid services are a separate but necessary cost as well.

As the event has grown it introduces more aspects of policies which need to be addressed and complied with, each year is different but we strive to put on an event which we know the general public enjoy.

We are feeling very positive about Big Sunday and hope you will too so please come along and if you would like to contribute to its success in any way or form please do so.

Ged Gourlay – Westfest Chairman.